Pre-Operative Evaluation:

Visual Acuity Assessment
Slit-lamp Biomicroscopy
Direct / Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
IOP measurement
IOL power measurement (immersion and contact a-scan)


Our Hospital has two very reliable instruments so as to enable distortion free post operative vision for you. Viz. Lenstar LS 900® from Haag-Streit Diagnostics: This is a very accurate instrument which uses laser light to estimate ocular dimensions. It provides reliable measurements of the various structures inside the eye within seconds. It is a pioneering product which also has advanced software to calculate the IOL power, depending on the characteristics of each individual’s eye. It is one of the few instruments available which can be used to calculate IOL power in patients who have undergone refractive procedures.

Echorule 2® from BioMedix: This is an Ultrasonic bio-meter which enables rapid estimation of the length of the eyeball. The advantage of this instrument is that it gives reliable readings irrespective of the grade of cataract. It is a portable machine and has multiple power calculation formulae


Manual and automatic Keratometry
Counselling: Details of the surgical strategy for standard and complicated cataracts before cataract surgery, the post-operative outcomes and most importantly the IOL options are explained to the patients and their attendants.

Surgical Setup

Aditya Eye Hospital boasts of one of the finest and most hi-tech operating setups.

From the moment a patient steps in for surgery, he / she is looked after by a team of skilled and dedicated professionals. Thereafter, the patient is transported to the operating room, where the most sophisticated and state-of-the art microscopes, equipment, and sterilization techniques are employed for ensuring the very best outcomes for your eye.

For your safety, we use “All Disposable” products, and only products that are considered optimum for surgical use by agencies such as the US FDA. Only the latest and the very best in phacoemulsification technology is used here for your benefit.

Operation theatre facilities

Operation theatre according to standards prescribed by medical council of India
Central air conditioning and laminar air flow
Positive pressure (Magnahelic guage for continuous monitoring of differential pressure)
Guidable air flow
40 changes of fresh air/hour
UV sterilization when theatre is non operational

Microscope: Carl Zeiss microscope        Phaco machine: Infiniti™ Vision System Alcon

Surgical Procedure:

Phacoemulsification, (Topical/Peribulbar anaesthesia), Manual small incision cataract surgery With intraocular lens Implantation with patient monitoring done by anesthetist.

Cataract challenging cases

White mature cataract
Posterior polar cataract
Subluxated cataract
Cionni's ring implantation
Trans-scleral iol fixation
Iris coloboma ring implantation
Pseudo-exfoliation syndrome
Small pupil
Shallow anterior chamber
Hard cataract with low corneal endothelial count

Post-Operative Counselling

IMMEDIATE POST-OPERATIVE COUNSELLING is done by Staff nurse regarding eyedrops instillation, sleeping posture, diet, precautions to be taken post-operatively and resumption of routine activities

FIRST POST-OPERATIVE DAY EXAMINATION is done by our entire team, including our ophthalmologist, followed by counselling regarding the medications and precautions that you need to take

FOLLOW-UP PROTOCOL involves slit – lamp examination, refraction and fundus evaluation followed by examination by consulting ophthalmologist.

Aditya Eye Hospital boasts of one of the finest and most hi-tech operating setups.

Intraocular lens option

The lens choice is customized to suit the patient and depends on their overall eye condition including their optical system and considering the visual needs of the patient. Modern lenses are able to increase range of focus to include both distance and near vision

Aditya Eye hospital offers Aspheric monofocal (IQ), multi-focal (RESTOR), cylindrical (TORIC) and multi-focal combined cylindrical (RESTOR-TORIC)

Monofocal foldable IOL - with thinner aspheric design for improved image quality , blue light filteration for uncompromised colour perception and single - piece acrylic design for superior biocompatibility and stability.

ReSTOR Aspheric - is a Multifocal acrylic foldable IOL which is the most frequently implanted Presbyopia correcting IOL with more than a quarter million implantations worldwide , has patented Apodised technology to minimise visual disturbances and has an aspheric optic to improve image quality ff and funtional vision.

Toric IOL - is an astigmatism correcting Monofocal acrylic foldable IOL which is rotationally stable in the eye . The power of IOL is calculated using the AcrySof Toric Calculator which ensures precise astigmatic correction.

Restor Toric IOL - This IOL incorporates a promising new technology where the same IOL corrects astigmatism and also corrects presbyopia.It combines the benefits of a multifocal and Toric IOL.

Our team of doctor and counselor would be pleased to educate you for the best suitable option. Kindly visit our clinic or call us for further details.